The Sojourn

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Hello guys, hope y’all are having a wonderful time. Grab yourself a cup of whatever you like and have fun. Stay beautiful!

It’s probably too late to cry, Gina Sanders thought as she drove back from the cemetery. The street was empty, it was a windy day and the air was cold. Easter Monday had turned into a mourning day for her. Two years had passed since she lost her mum to the beast; Cancer , but her wounds still bled. Her mum was her spirit animal; she adored and wished to be like her.

Hitting the soles of her shoes to the ground to knock away particles of dirt, she made her way into Sky’s three bedroom apartment. As she dropped onto the seat right beside the door she began struggling with her jacket and shoes. Her beauty was as bright as the early morning sun. Her green eyes shone like the full moon in darkness. Long dark hair, full breasts and long legs, one could tell puberty did her a bountiful of favors.

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Sky Maden was the definition of a pukka gentleman. He was every woman’s dream. His broad shoulders could carry a nation. Mr. World, Nicklas Pedersen had nothing on Sky when it came to physical appearance. It was love at a glance. She met him at Yorkdale Mall a few months ago. That fateful afternoon, she had taken some items to the counter before she realized she had left her wallet at home. He paid that bill and that was the beginning of their love story. Sky was her life support. He was the reason she was still living.

From behind, Sky masculine arms wrapped around her. With her eyes closed, she buried her thoughts in the fruity scent of the Reveal fragrance he had on.

“Lunch is served,” Sky whispered.

“It’s your favorite” he smiled.

“Chicken Fried Rice” they sang in unison as they danced towards the dining room.


It was Tuesday morning, it was drizzling outside.

Brrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh the alarm blared.

“I will miss you babe”  Sky whispered as he planted a kiss on her lips.

“Aww, I will be gone for only a few months. I will be home before you know it” she responded staring into his eyes

.sojourn 1 b

Sky drove her to the bus station where she boarded a minivan with her best friend, Anna.

“Guys, Make sure you call me when you arrive. I love you” Sky said as he rolled her suitcase.

“I love you more,” Gina replied as they both shared goodbye kisses.

University of Waterloo was approximately two hours’ drive from Toronto Ontario. Gina and Anna sang alongside the voice of Taylor Swift’s song 1969.  Keeping left at the fork to stay on Ontario’s highway, 401 west, The Driver crashed into the concrete barrier. All she could remember were the echoes of everyone screaming………

sojourn 1


Stay tuned for the concluding part

I appreciate you all.


  1. Nana says:

    This is a beautifl story , you are so talented ! Good job Soty <3

    1. sotyglitters says:

      Thank you very much Nana. I’m glad you enjoyed it.xoxo

  2. Uzoh Anthony says:

    Great story !

    1. sotyglitters says:

      Thanks Tony! I am glad you enjoyed it

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