The Sojourn 2

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Hey guys! Below is the concluding part of the sojourn, so grab your snacks and enjoy.

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“Thank heavens I made it,” Gina uttered very softly as she called her friends.

Anna!!! Mr driver !!! she cried out as she made her way through the tiny bushes.

Few hours later she found The Driver and Anna.

“Are you guys okay?” Gina inquired as she walked over and gave Anna a long tight hug.

“Why is it so dark in here? I need to find my phone” she complained

“Driver, that was so reckless,” Anna cried out

“I am so sorry guys, it happened in seconds. I am Henry by name. At least we are not hurt. We will get out of here safe.” The Driver assured.

sojourn 2

“Look guys, a river!” she pointed “I’m so thirsty”

They moved towards the river. Gina felt alive again as she sprinkled fresh water on her face. The feeling was blissful as the waterside breeze took away her worries. As she bent to taste the handful of water she saw a blurry image which materialized into her dead mother in a glittery silver robe, silky skin with her arms spread wide. Mrs. Sanders smiled

Is this a dream? She thought as she pinched her arm to verify

“Mum is that you? What are you doing here?”

“Welcome home child” Mrs. Sanders moved towards her, excited and aiming to hug her.

“What do you mean mum,” She took a step back.

“You passed away in the car crash” Mrs. Sanders mumbled

“Nooooooooooo” she screamed as Anna and Henry, the driver ran towards her

“Are you okay Gina” Anna asked

“Guys, meet my mum, we are dead” she pointed towards her mum and  smiled sarcastically.

“No way” Anna cried as Henry placed both arms on his head.

“My children, do not worry it is way better here. This is home of love; a place where love rules” Mrs. Sanders solaced.

Gina was happy to see her mum but at the same time she wanted to be with Sky. She had a lot in life to accomplish and didn’t want to live in this afterlife. At that moment she no longer wanted to be with her mum. All that she could think of was Sky and life.

Weak, Gina fell to the ground and started weeping helplessly.

“I hope this is a dream” she cried as she opened her eyes to see Sky

She held him tight and she was not going to let go.

“Thank heavens you are awake,” Sky smiled.

“You have been in a comma since the car crash.”

Shivering, “I met mum” was the only thing Gina could utter.

sojourn 4

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    I Love the style you display. Alluring Flaunts!

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    Thanks Femi! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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    Attention arresting and sustaining.

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