Tunnel Plunge

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Hey guys! I’m back at it again with a short story post. ENJOY!

Zena was petrified when the Dalhousie train board read “next train in twenty three minutes.” She sluggishly sat on the heat padded bench, and memories of  last night’s party roamed her thoughts as she smiled sheepishly.

It was a bright Saturday morning, the weather was neither hot nor cold, all Zena wanted was to be at work on time, but it was obvious that she was going to be five minutes late.

Zena worked at Panini, an old-fashioned coffee shop notorious for its chicken sandwich and dark roast coffee. Panini is situated adjacent to one of the biggest malls in the city, hence its busy nature during the weekends.

The train finally pulled into the station at exactly twenty three minute and was declared out of service. Zena, low-key crazy,  pulled out her Gold rose cell phone from her black leather pouch to realize the no phone service” on its  screen. At that moment, she walked back and forth hurriedly. Zena  had already budgeted that months’ salary and was  worried about being late, as she was on work probation.

Three minutes later, another train arrived and Zena boarded alongside other passengers arriving work ten minutes late. She flung open the doors and ran into the staff room, the sight of Theda, her domineering, haughty supervisor amplified her heart beat. As Zena attempted  to offer her usual apology, Theda inquired, ” what are you doing here on a Saturday  Zena” “Saturday!?” Zena screamed, confused with eyes wide open.

The end.




Old navy top

Ethans skirt

Forever 21 tights

Payless shoes

Photos by  Onyinye





































































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  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing story and wonderful pictures girl!!!!

  2. sotyglitters says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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