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1st October 1960, Nigeria got her independence from the British colonial. I and my fellow Nigerians celebrate in all parts of the world.

In today’s post, I am wearing a green and white outfit. My outfit is inspired by the Nigerian flag. The green color represents wealth and the white color represents peace.

Nigeria is a very unique country with a lot of cultures and traditions. What I love most about my culture is the food, fashion, weather and entertainment.

As a matter of fact, my favorite memory living in Nigeria was travelling to the village during the Christmas holiday to visit my grandma, uncles, aunties and my lovely cousins.

Growing up in Nigeria was the best thing that happened to me because it instilled morals and helped shaped me into the great woman I am today both spiritually and otherwise.

Today, I appreciate my fellow Nigerians and I pray that Nigeria shall remain a rich nation bound in freedom, love, peace and unity.

Happy post independence day Nigeria! Good people,beautiful motherland-blog-nigeria-greenand white-nigerianindependence-yyc-IMG-0291img_0326img_0347img_0307img_0306img_0343img_0327img_0314img_0319img_0297img_0299img_0334img_0295img_0315img_0291img_0369img_0360


Let me know what country you represent in the comment section.


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