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French Beret back in fashion?

It’s quite interesting, how fashion trends from the millennial generation is being recycled. The French Beret is totally back in style!  Beret is taking a lead on spring summer fashion accessories and I’m loving the trend.

In today’s post, I’m sharing how i styled this gorgeous beret. I have paired my wool beret with a velvet bodysuit, a pleated tulle and my favorite pair of booties

I’ve attached links to shop my outfit  down below. season, beret is been displayed on runways and by different fashion personalities. fascinating, beret has comeback in  fashion trend. The old fashioned Beret that used to adorn the classrooms and the uniform group has finally found its way into the top fashion league.  French Berets can be worn to any type of event. It comes in different styles and textures which include wool, leather and cotton These hat gives a chic look and is very unique.

Through the season, i’ll be sharing important outfits and accessories from trends that l love.

Berets are gorgeous. They will make a good addition to your summer collection.

what are your thoughts on berets? Let me know if you like this trend in the comment section below.

Shooting with Grace brought my 90’s fashion look to life. Location choice was her master art, the set and blends tell the story.  Working with her was fulfilling. If you’re in Calgary and want a bad ass photographer, send her a direct message on Instagram.

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Skirt | H&M

Similar Top| FOREVER 21

Jewelry| ARDENE


Photographer| SHOTS BY MUKUNDI


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