Twists on Black

Compliments of the season you guys! I can’t believe we are already in spring. Hope you all are having a fabulous time in all parts of the world.  In today’s post, I’m wearing a  black dress pant, black tank top and a multi-colored shoe.

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DSCN3190 thurs edited 3

DSCN3178 thurs edited 4

DSCN3184 thurs edited 4

Hope you are having fun this long weekend! I didn’t have the chance to visit my family  but I hope I get time to see them next Easter.

DSCN3188 thurs edited 2DSCN3174 thurs edited 6

Black and white are  universal colors and they can be worn for all occasions. It amazes me how the blend in with other colors so perfectly. The forever remain my best.

DSCN3180 edited 4

DSCN3175 thurs edited 5

DSCN3177 thurs edited 5

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A big Shout out to my friend Femisola Aiyeleso, my awesome photographer

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