Garbed In Kente


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Hello World!

As many of you know its black history month. In today’s post, I coming to you all the way from Ghana, West Africa. I am wearing a black off the shoulder top on Kente pleated skirt.

Kente is interpreted  as “nwentom” in Akan and originated from the  Akan clan of Ghana.

Historically,  Kente  reflected royalty and was worn by kings and dignitaries.

The most remarkable thing about the kente is that each of its colors is significant.

Yellow- Abundance, Royalty

Black- Ancestral spirits

Green- Vegetation, Spiritual renewal

Red-Sacrificial rites, Death

Blue – Peace

Pink – Womanhood

 I hope you enjoy today’s post.

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Outfit Details 

Top |Charlotte Russe

Skirt| Gifted Mary

Shoes |Just fab

photos| Onyinye

Stay Beautiful!


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Kente Cloth


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