B’day Road Trip

It was Onyinye birthday on may 13, to celebrate, the girls and I hit Calgary highways and headed to Banff where we had a wonderful time.

It was so much fun and my first time hiking. Mother nature is ridiculously beautiful. To end the day, we had African delicacies and champagne at NV Lounge Calgary.

Below are snippets from our adventure. Grab a snack, get comfy and enjoy!IMG_0091IMG_015018423219_10207703204133142_14008592562787594_oIMG_0147IMG_003318451655_10207703206213194_3829645987653968025_oIMG_0126IMG_0099IMG_0116IMG_010818422525_10207703199933037_2945188939016077268_oIMG_0062IMG_0072IMG_0043IMG_0077IMG_0092IMG_0058IMG_0089_1IMG_0113IMG_0041IMG_0096IMG_009318422982_10207703215573428_3440708105039477083_oIMG_0144IMG_0052IMG_0139IMG_0042IMG_0122IMG_0117IMG_005518449301_10207703196532952_677388604100302489_o


I hope you enjoy this post. Have a wonderful week you guys!

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